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02-18-2009, 06:31 PM
Hey guys, just to let you all know, I recently wrote a song called A Day will Come, I've only got Guitar + Vox at the mo, until I get my drum-kit, which should come from my granddad anytime soon... but yeah, here's the lyrics, I think I've got a recording of it somewhere on my computer, so if you want to hear it, PM me :), the song was actually written after we talked about death at a cell group one night, so yeah, if you know the Matt Redman song, Blessed be Your Name, he wrote that in a sad time, and it was also influenced slightly by Jeremy camp - There will be a day

Verse 1
I know it's hard to choose what to do
But I could never Imagine, until I knew you
And now I know that it's all okay
That here, right now, I choose to say

A Day will come when pain will end
A day will come when suffering will cease to be
A day will come when all my fears are stilled
A day will come when you come to live with us

Verse 2:
I didn't know how it felt
and before I knew, my heart began to melt
but now I know your light shows the way
right here, right now, I can choose to say



I know how it feels now, I've stepped into your way
I know now, that it is OK
IT still can be hard for us to know your ways
But now, you're there, I can say

(Chorus x however many times...)