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05-01-2006, 10:09 PM
Well, I know it's a week late, but I felt I should post my review, anyway. Here goes nothing.....

The Face Of Love Tour
Featuring Mainstay, The Afters and headliners, Sanctus Real
April 23, 2006

We arrived at the venue(a local High School) around 4:20 PM. It was pouring rain outside, but, thankfully, not thunderstorming. Anyway, doors were set to open at 4:30 PM with the show to begin at 5:30 PM. To my surprise, when we arrived, there was already a sizeable crowd of people(mainly High School aged kids, but also some older people including many parents) waiting outside. Quite a few Sanctoids(the affectionate name for Sanctus Real fans) as well as some Afters fans. Despite arriving a bit later than we wanted to, we got a good spot in line. So 4:30 PM rolls around, and we're still stuck outside, anxiously waiting to get in. A girl that is one of the volunteers for the event(sponsored by Ichthus, a Christian[maybe Catholic, not sure] organization) comes out about 4:35 PM and we all thought we were getting in. Not so. Apparently, a lot of the people in line hadn't even bought their tickets yet(I bought mine right after I found out about the concert). Unfortunately, the volunteers decided to make everyone wait while those who had not yet bought tickets purchased some. Finally, we got in about 5 PM. I thought that was the worst of the waiting game.....unfortunately, I was wrong.

So we get in the school and begin to wait in the hallway(outside the auditorium) for the show to begin. And wait. And wait. 5:30 rolls around(the scheduled time for the show to begin) and we still haven't gotten into the auditorium. People began to get impatient, including my mother who has arthritis. Even my back was starting to hurt with all that standing around. Anyway, we were treated to the sound of Mainstay warming up while we waited outside. Several times the doors opened, and we thought we were getting in only to be disappointed that it was just a staffer entering and exiting the place. Finally, we got into the auditorium around 6:00PMish.

We grabbed our seats and ended up sitting six rows back from the stage. Not too shabby. But as everyone knows, at a rock concert, seats don't matter. Mosh pits DO. :grin: Before the show, a guy from Ichthus came out and gave a really great talk on being an "everyday hero". I really got something out of what he was saying. Very inspiring stuff.

Anyway, the show kicked off with Mainstay, a band from Minnesota. As the music started blaring out of the speakers, a bunch of the teens in the audience went up toward the stage and formed a full-fledged mosh pit. Mainstay opened up with "This Could Be" and proceeded to whip through a 5 or 6 song set(including their top 40 hit "Take Away") that took up roughly 25 minutes. They were energetic and sounded superb. I was very impressed with their show. Despite only having 25 minutes, they really got the crowd going and had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. Justin(lead singer of Mainstay) was quite talkative and thanked the soldout crowd of 200-300(perhaps more) many times for coming. After their set ended, he again thanked the crowd. I have to say that after seeing these guys live, I am a fan. The music might not be amazing on the CD, but when you hear it live, it's that much better.

So next The Afters came out. More people joined the mosh pit. The Afters have been having a pretty good year so far. They won a DOVE award recently and, of course, have one of their songs("Beautiful Love") on MTV. The crowd absolutely LOVED these guys. I can't remember which song they opened with, but I believe it was "Until The World", track two on their debut CD "I Wish We All Could Win". Like Mainstay's lead singer, Afters vocalist Josh was very talkative, offering up some stories behind the songs. He also shared with us a very touching story about the song "All That I Am". When the Afters were recording their debut CD, Josh's father was in the hospital dying. They worked quickly and finished the album just in time for Josh to play the CD for his dad. "All That I Am" was his father's favorite song on the CD, a song that he played many times. When you hear it straight from the songwriter's mouth, it kinda gives the songs more significance. The crowd went absolutely NUTS when they played "Beautiful Love". Anywho, the Afters played a 40 minute, 7-9 track set that, like the first band's set, was energetic and just plain fun. The music sounded terrific and Josh was spot on. After the set ended, Josh and guitarist Brad Wigg stayed around and talked with the crowd about an organization called Compassion International. Apparently, Josh's wife has worked with this organization and Josh sponsors a child through it. What he said--about helping those who have nothing in third world countries--really hit home. I have been thinking deeply about giving my money to those who have absolutely nothing, and after hearing this testimonial, I've decided I'm going to start sponsoring a child as soon as I can(probably after I turn 18). His speech also made me appreciate the blessings that I have in my life that much more. After Josh and Brad left the stage, intermission began. I used this opportunity to use the restrooms and re-group for the headliners--SANCTUS REAL! Can you tell how excited I was about this concert? :grin:

When I came back, I assumed a position in the mosh pit and got pretty close to the stage. Sanctus hit the stage at about 8:15 PM and the crowd went crazy. There were a ton of Sanctus Real fans there, all excited to see the boys play another show in Flint(they played last year on Audio Adrenaline's tour which hit Michigan in October). Anyway, they opened up with "Everything About You". I admit, going into the show, I was a bit worried because I had heard that Matt(lead singer of Sanctus Real) was under the weather. I assumed it might be a bit like the whole Weathered tour with Creed...but thankfully, I was wrong. Matt sounded amazing, as did the rest of the band. After absolutely rocking "Everything About You", they delved into "Say It Loud". For the rest of the set, they alternated between songs from "Fight The Tide" and "The Face Of Love". Along the way, Matt talked about all of the struggle--Matt's grandmother dying and Mark's(the drummer) father passing away-- and uncertainty--the loss of Sanctus' original bassist and the potential loss of their drummer who, thankfully, ended up staying in the band-- that occurred leading up to the new album. Also hearing him talk about the inside stories behind the songs helped to make the songs that much more meaningful.

After 10 terrific songs, they thanked the crowd and left the stage. We, of course, noticed that the guitarists left the guitars plugged in, so we knew that the show wasn't over. For about a minute, we loudly chanted "SANCTUS REAL! SANCTUS REAL! SANCTUS REAL!" They came back stage and Mark brought out his son, Benjamin(a large inspiration behind the song "Benjamin" on the new CD). Mark and Ben jammed on the drums for a minute as the crowd chanted "Ben! Ben! Ben!" A guy in the crowd shouted out "he's the next Ringo Star!" which prompted laughter from the guys. Ben left the stage and Sanctus played two more songs, the first being "I'm Not Alright". Matt talked about how one of their demos for the new CD was called "I'll Be Fine" which wasn't an accurate title at that point in time. That song evolved into "I'm Not Alright". The crowd dug this song and pretty much everyone in the audience was singing it(I myself sang along with all the songs :grin:) The show closed with "Closer". After a 12 song, 63 minute set, the guys left the stage and invited everyone to come to the merchandise table to meet them. I wanted to go up and get one of the album covers signed, but, unfortunately, by the time the show ended, my mom and I were both so exhausted that we just left. It's not that big of a deal, because I will meet them next time I see them in concert.

All in all, this was a great show. I paid $28 dollars(with service fees) for two tickets and it was worth every penny. All three bands put on great shows. Even my mom, who was skeptical of this whole thing, emerged from the concert a new Sanctus Real fan. I thought that was pretty cool. :grin: I had a blast and I must say that if any of these bands come to your area, be sure to check them all out. I guarantee you'll enjoy it.

Here is the full setlist for Sanctus Real:

Everything About You
Say It Loud
We're Trying
The Show
Don't Give Up
The Face Of Love
Things Like You
The Fight Song
Encore 1 - I'm Not Alright
Encore 2 - Closer

I will post the setlist for Mainstay and maybe the Afters later. I'll also post the bootlegs and pictures. :)

05-01-2006, 11:00 PM
I'll also post the bootlegs and pictures. :)

yeah, you better!

i cant wait to see The Afters or Sanctus Real again... i saw both bands before i really knew who they were.. i love both bands now and hope to see them again so i can sing along! singing alone makes concerts a lot more fun!

05-03-2006, 03:10 PM
It definitely does. I didn't know all the words to the Mainstay and Afters songs, but I sung every word of the Sanctus Real songs. I'm sure that if I had been closer to the stage, the guys would have probably noticed. :grin: I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to see the Afters and Sanctus in concert again......I am hoping that they come back around in the Fall. I did want to go to the concert in Gaylord, Michigan, but it's looking like that's a pretty unlikely thing. We'll just see, though. ;)

06-20-2006, 10:05 PM
did you ever post your bootlegs anywhere?

06-21-2006, 10:04 AM
Nice review... mosh pit at a sanctus real concert?!